• [Football's original trivia game]

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Mikkel Bischoff

Former defender, Man. City, Wolves,

Sheff. Wed., TV Pundit

Incredible game!
Takes you on a journey through footballing history in such a fun, original, and nostalgic way.

Mads Junker

Former striker, Danish national team,

180+ Eresdivisie games, TV Pundit

All football fans need this game!
It’s ingenious entertainment for celebrations, game nights, or even the dressing room!

Rasmus Monnerup

Former pro coach,

Podcast Pundit

I have played this with fellow football Pundits, former players and my family - and it has something for everyone. Well done!

4+ players

Easy set up

45 min. playtime

Novice and Expert levels

Specialized categories

1000 original questions